OSI provides a variety of Rent-A-Pen options to the swine industry. Our focus is providing non-competitive custom collection and delivery services to the Ontario Swine Industry. We also offer off-site boar stud management services for those that demand a separate site for their high value genetics. We can customize our processes to meet your needs.

Quality Control

Our dedicated staff ensures the quality of our products. Continual consultation with industry experts has helped OSI  develop a set of KRA’s (Key Result Areas)  in order to measure &maintain our high standards of quality. We validate our processes through a 3rd party Quality Control program.

Cutting Edge Technology

The technology that OSI has invested in has put us on the cutting edge of the boar semen processing industry.

  • SpermVision (CASA System)
  • Prism—Boar Herd Management System
  • Auto Dilution System (ADS)
  • SPS21—Boar Semen Packaging System
  • Cochette (Flat Pack) System
  • Temperature Controlled Delivery system (Coolatron)
  • Semi-Automated Boar Collection system